Lil Girl Spa Party Business


Start Your Own Lil Girl Mobile Spa Party Business


This is the perfect opportunity for a stay-at-home mom! It is flexible hours.

Whats better than getting to go to a Little Girls Birthday Party and getting to pamper them and making them feel special and beautiful! This is the best job and you make $ doing it.

You do not need to be a licensed technician this is for entertainment purposes only, and the little girls love it! 

Spa parties are so popular with little girls and are perfect for birthday parties, get togethers and more. 

Our goal is to get you set up from helping you create a website - to assisting you monthly for up to 6 months to help you have the most successful SPA Birthday Party business around. We will always be here to help you throughout your journey. There is no obligation to us after purchasing the kit. 

However we are here if you need! 

Our One time fee includes:

  • Assistance in setting up your own website 
  • Start up assistance on advertising for your business
  • Step by step instructions on what to do at a Spa Party and how to set up, 
  • How to charge and what to pay your help. 
  • How to receive your deposits, and payments from the customers
  • Special touches to make your party stand out
  • Pictures, ad templates, invitation templates and more 
  • 6 months commitment from us to you to guide you through the process
  • Continuous Communication on any questions you may have for 6 months
  • Spa Business in a BOX comes with 5 dozen of everything you need to start your business and do your first 6 Birthday Parties
  • No Obligation to us after purchasing the Business in a Box
Additional Supplies are materials can be purchased through this site - once you receive your password after purchasing. 
You can name your business your own name, it does not have to be one of ours! It is your business you take charge. We are not a Franchise we are just a start up business and here to assist you.
Instead of those Aromatherapy Businesses, Roden & Fields,  Candle Parties, Shakeology - Start your own Lil Girls Spa Party Business!!
Contact us for more information and Get started Today!! Or purchase our Business in a BOX TODAY!!! ONLY 595.00!! Cheaper than starting any of those nonsense businesses! Business in A BOX HERE!!
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